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Forestry and gardening goods
Big bags on custom order
Bio toilets / portable restrooms
Forestry and gardening goods

Net tree protectors (sleeve), Individual protector for tree sapling

Net tree protectors made of UV and natural conditions resistant PP (polypropylene), HDPE (high density polyethylene) etc. Different colors (black, green, grey or any other), width, weight and mesh size. Net tree protectors may be cut or in rolls (50 or 75 meters length).

Net tree protectors help to protect from wild animals young tree's trunk, twigs and leaves.

Produced in European Union!

Apsaugos medeliams Tinklinės medelių apsaugos Tinklinė medelio apsauga

Email for orders: info@vvprojektai.lt


Seedling pots

Different sizes, shapes and colors (black, brown or white) plastic (industrial) seedling pots. Cold resistant.

Produced in European Union!

Vazonai sodinukams
Email for orders: info@vvprojektai.lt

Bamboo poles 

Bamboo poles are widely used in forestry and gardening as support for young plants/trees net protectors. Well dried poles are strong, durable and may be used many years. 
Bamboo poles are also used for decorative fencing and other interior / exterior design elements..

Bambukinis kuoliukas Bambukai miškininkystei ir sodininkystei Bambukiniai kuoliukai
Email for orders: info@vvprojektai.lt


Wooden stakes and poles for fencing

Different diameter and length wooden stakes and poles. On client's need may be hewn or rounded, impregnated, one side sharpened.

Email for orders: info@vvprojektai.lt


Woven galvanized wire mesh fence (forest fence) 

Woven galvanized wire mesh fence (also called forest fence) protects roads and crops from wild animals - rabbits, roes, boars, mooses and elks. Woven mire mesh is much stronger than welded. Weaving do not damage galvanization, therefore it is more resistant to negative impact of natural environment, so this lets to use fence longer and save maintanance costs. Woven wire mesh is produces in these heights: 100 cm, 120 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm, 200 cm, with different mesh sizes and distances between wires.


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